Why You Need Dynamic QR Code

Why You Need Dynamic QR Code

You can create almost every types of Static QR code for free with all the QR Code generators currently available on the market. However, if you really want to get the most out of QR Code, investing in Dynamic QR Code is a requisite. Why is that the case?

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1. Monitor and control content.

Once your prints are released, you will no longer be able to change the content. Any printing error will render your print media useless, or ineffective. Editing and reprinting, of course, waste time and money.

Why You Need Dynamic QR Code

When design and printing errors occur, in the case of Static QR Code, you have to create a completely new code, or reprint in whole if the QR Code is already in use. With Dynamic QR Code, you can easily edit the content linked to the code anytime you want. Using Short URL technology, Dynamic QR Code can change the destination of a landing page and adjust other features without the need to recreate or reprint a new code. You can adjust your campaign as it runs. Today’s content can be about product information, while tomorrow’s can be all about promotions, the next day’s — anti-counterfeiting or warranty information… You only need to log in to the QR Code admin account to make adjustments.

Take another example, if your advertising brochures are printed but the campaign site is not ready yet — this is not a issue for Dynamic QR Code. You can temporarily modify the link of the printed code to an existing web page and adjust it once the landing page of the campaign is completed. As a result, you can respond quickly to unexpected changes during the launching process, even if the printed documents are already in the hands of your customers.

2. Faster and more convenient.

Using Short URL for Dynamic QR code gives it a simpler structure, making it faster to scan; the smaller size is also more convenient when applied on designs.

3. Statistics report.

Dynamic QR code can capture each scan and interaction that a user performs on the code. It records the time, location, and device used for scanning. User interactions on the landing page are also recorded, even information about the users can be collected. These insights will help you gauge the effectiveness and success of your campaign, and enable you to make any necessary adjustments during an ongoing campaign.

4. Security features.

You can add a password if desired. When that happens, scanners will need the password to access the QR code’s content. You can also turn QR code On or Off. If the QR code is set to “Off”, no one can scan it until you switch to “On”. These two features will give you better control of the campaign.

5. Set scanners’ criteria.

This is an extremely fascinating feature if you want to get more creative with QR Code. Mirascan allows multiple criteria to be set at once, such as region, time, mobile device, or even age range, gender, and so on. Different groups of scanner (in terms of area, time, mobile device, or age range, gender…) will be redirected to different contents (preset by you).

For example, if you implement a QR Code Coupon/Voucher program, scanners in Hanoi will receive promotional information applicable only to the Hanoi area, while scanners in Ho Chi Minh City will receive promotional information applicable only to the HCMC area. Similarly, if a user scans a QR code on Monday, he or she will receive information about Monday’s promotion, and scanning on Tuesday   will link to Tuesday’s promotional offers. How interesting is that!

6. Other functions.

These are the functions that we have created for Dynamic QR code at this time, but it will not stop here. If you come up with other interesting uses of Dynamic QR code, please share them with us. We’d highly appreciate that!!!

Creating a Dynamic QR code is just as simple as creating a Static QR code. The only difference is that Static QR code can be generated for free, while you have to pay us a fee to enable Dynamic QR Code function.

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