How To Increase The Number Of Scans

How To Increase The Number Of Scans

When QR code was first introduced as a marketing tool, many companies realized its huge potential. Businesses often assume that simply attaching a QR code to marketing goods and publications will result in people scanning it. It is not necessarily so.

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To effectively employ QR Code Marketing, please pay close attention to the following factors:

1. Location of QR code.

When and where should QR codes be used? Make sure the location is convenient and feasible for users to scan.

You should avoid impractical places and items such as: Clothing, Advertising Billboard (too large and remote), on the Internet, on vehicles or anything that moves constantly, places that lack adequate lighting or obstruct wifi connection (basement parking for example).

Places and items that are perfect to use with QR Code Marketing are: Business Cards, Introductory materials (leaflets, catalogues, capacity profiles), product packaging and labels, takeaway cups, receipts and various types of ticket, self-service locations (in shopping and entertainment centers, bus stations, train stations, etc.).

2. Design of QR Code.

How To Increase The Number Of Scans

To attract scanners, you should have a really eye-catching QR code.

How To Increase The Number Of Scans

Instead of using the standard ones with only black square blocks, you should consider customizing QR codes, which can increase the number of scans up to 400% and better promote the brand identity. See more: Customizable design feature.

How To Increase The Number Of Scans

3. Reason to scan.
Give people a legitimate reason to scan your QR code. You need to specify an incentive or have a call-to-action reasonable and attractive enough to motivate more scanners.
Customers may want to scan your codes for the following reasons:

  • Get contact information from QR code on a business card.
  • Look up product information using QR code on packaging.
  • Shop online.
  • Mobile payment.
  • Display and save coupons.
  • Display and store electronic tickets.
  • Participate in surveys or write reviews, comments.
  • Register as a member.
  • Read an e-newsletters.

When used properly, QR codes can deliver valuable information, convenience, enjoyable experience, and many other benefits to users. The code is created for free, and it is fun for consumers to scan. They can be very engaging if you use them creatively.

4. Content of QR Code.

If you are like me, then you are always disappointed after scanning a QR Code, because most of them do not bring you any value (meaning they only link to the brand’s website), or even worse the format of the website is not appropriate for your device. The content that appears after scanning is actually the most important part of any successful QR Code Marketing campaign.

When using QR Code Marketing, you need to know where your audience will be exposed to the QR code, what are their needs, or what they care about in that context. QR code is just a tool to connect your audience to exactly what they want.

Some basic and advanced types of QR code content:

5. Landing pages.

How To Increase The Number Of Scans

In most cases, QR code links to a landing page. When integrating QR code into a marketing campaign, it is important to remember that all QR code scanners are used on smartphones. Therefore, any landing page linked to a QR code must be optimized for mobile devices (mobile landing page).

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