QR Code Warranty — Have you tried it?

In addition to prominent features such as fighting counterfeit goods (Anti-counterfeiting QR Code) or supporting Marketing activities (QR Code Marketing), QR Code proves to be especially useful in another area — product warranty. Let’s talk about the effectiveness of QR Code Warranty!

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When the warranty card is… missing.

Usually, when we buy a product, the manufacturer or retailer would issue a warranty card attached to said product at the time of transaction. The covered period commences at time of purchase. Warranty terms vary depending on the type of product; for example, when you buy a new phone or laptop, the warranty period will usually last 2 years, or in the case of television, from 1 to 1.5 years.

At first, you may be very concerned with warranty policy. However, after bringing the product home and using it for a certain amount of time, you may find it difficult to take advantage of the warranty. The reason is that very few customers are aware of the importance of looking after warranty paperwork. Only when there’s a problem with the product do we usually begin to look for our warranty card, not to mention, once we have found it, the card is probably torn, crumbled, or the written information might have been blurred. If any of that happens, your product’s warranty could be considered invalid.

Now, say hi to QR Code Warranty!

First, to put it simply, QR Code has a function that directs users to a source of information or landing page containing information about the product of interest with just one action — scanning. Likewise, Warranty QR Code (a type of smart electronic warranty label) can lead users to product warranty information without the need to spend a lot of time searching and preserving the warranty card as traditionally done. All the necessary information will appear on your smartphone in no more than 5 seconds.

In addition to providing product warranty information, this smart technology application offers other interesting features such as activation of warranty period or providing incentives and benefits for customers during the duration of warranty.

It is unfortunate that many businesses nowadays are still unaware that they can utilize information technology to provide warranty services to customers in a timely and convenient manner; and among those who have invested in technology, not all are making use of its full capacity — companies often opt for directing customers to a landing page that is just their homepage with uninspiring content and interface that is lacking in aesthetics. Moreover, even the customers themselves have not recognized the importance of the warranty policies that come with their purchases. Understandably, this resulted in a poor, slow, and ineffective warranty process.

However, it is safe to believed that QR Code Warranty will become a trend and a key technological solution for product warranty in the near future.