QR Code Origin Retrieval – A New Direction for Clean Food

QR Code Origin Retrieval – A New Direction for Clean Food

Clean food — the legitimacy of food sources will always be a top priority for consumers. However, most Vietnamese families are buying so-called “clean” food based on empty promises and “compelling” advertisements from producers/suppliers without knowing for sure how reliable they are. On the contrary, reputable businesses are also facing difficulties in ensuring the transparency of information provided to consumers regarding products’ ingredients, production process, or transportation method, etc. So what is the solution?

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QR Code Origin Retrieval – A New Direction for Clean Food

Advertising and PR are not enough…

Customers are becoming evermore selective and perceptive in making choices. If back in the days they used to buy a product based on outer appearance or perceived freshness, their current concerns include whether the product comes from a legitimate source, is worth the price, and is safe for themselves and their families.

In order to establish credibility, many businesses have launched aggressive advertising/PR campaigns with the sole purpose of providing the maximum amount of information about the source of their products to consumers. For instance, clean fruit and vegetable outlets strive to prove their credibility by posting videos about the plant breeding process, how their produces are taken care of, packaged, preserved, and transported to the stores; some even go as far as organizing field trips which allow customers to visit the gardens/fields and experience for themselves— all for the sake of building customers’ confidence in their products. But in reality, those efforts are not nearly enough, consumers still thirst for more information.

QR Code Origin Retrieval is needed now more than ever!

To help consumers trust and use their products, many businesses have realized that ensuring transparency of product information and origin is extremely important and essential. With that said, the big question is, how can we solve this?

To answer that question, experts have implemented smart bar code technology and the result is QR Code Origin Retrieval.

True to its function as a smart 2D bar code, QR Code Origin Retrieval can help consumers obtain information about the source of a product and present it on their smartphones using one simple act of scanning. Vice versa, businesses and producers can cut down on costs, operation time, and resources spent on advertising/PR efforts to educate customers about origin of products.

On the other hand, QR Code Origin Retrieval creates a “positive” psychological effect on consumers — the “right” to proactively and subjectively research the products — at the same time, this technology enables businesses to “score” with customers due to the high level of transparency and publicity of the product’s source, thereby increasing their credibility and stimulating purchase decisions.

Regulatory agencies have also started researching and implementing QR Code to protect consumers. In fact, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are many pioneers: Metro Supermarket, Hapro Mart, Orfarm Organic Food, to name a few.

Although in theory QR Code can bring many benefits to businesses and consumers alike, there’s no denying that the implementation of QR Code Origin Retrieval has not been as effective as expected. Aside from the technological aspect, honesty and regular updates of information on the origin of products should be taken seriously by businesses in order to first and foremost protect consumers’ health, and more importantly, to maintain consumers’ loyal and trust in their products — which is the ultimate goal of all producers and suppliers.

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