Principles Of Operation

Principles Of Operation
  • If the issue of cost versus effectiveness of Online Marketing is giving you a headache?
  • Low daily traffic on the website and low engagement rate on the fan page?
  • Low Conversion Rate (CR) and Return On Investment (ROI)?

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QR Code Marketing is an incredibly interesting and creative solution. Let us show you how QR Code Marketing works.

Marketing funnel.

Let’s start with marketing funnel — one of the most fundamental marketing concepts. This tool helps you visualize and understand consumer behaviors at every stage of your marketing plan. Some of the users who visit your website will continue on to become your customers. A large portion, however, will not.

That’s why the traffic index, CR (conversion rate) and ROI (turnover ratio) are so important.

Generating traffic:

Principles Of Operation

When your audience have no knowledge of your product/service/brand, the first thing to do is build as much coverage as possible and reach the most accurate target audience. Some of the marketing tools that can be used at this stage include:

  • Mass Media: such as TVC, Billboard, Newspapers, etc.
  • Social Media: such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, etc.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization — Google, Bing .
  • Print Media: traditional print media such as brochures, banner, catalogue, name card, product packaging, etc.

Among these tools, only Print Media is used by every businesses. Although it is an indispensable tool, Print Media actually has many drawbacks:

  • Limitations on size means limitations on information.
  • Simple content — only words and images.
  • Inability to flexibly adjust content after printing and distribution.
  • No two-way interactions.
  • Cannot be measured.

With the help of QR Code, all the above-mentioned restrictions can be lifted. Applying QR Code on Print Media will help to create huge amount of online traffic from offline channel, beyond your wildest expectation (currently, no other tools have exploited this channel for traffic). Marketing effectiveness can increase by 500%, owing to.

  • More interesting content: integrating digital content into print media
  • Encouraging users to scan QR Code, generating more traffic to website, fan page, or mobile app…
  • Ability to collect users’ information.
  • Accurate measurement of effectiveness.
  • Save on costs and expenditures.
  • Create demand for your product/service.

If the audience are already aware of your product/service but have no specific need yet, chances are they do not know you well enough. This is the stage where you need to give them detailed information about your products and services.

Using QR codes on print media, or on any marketing platform, will help you provide customers with virtually anything that can be displayed on a web browser. From simple contact information, or product descriptions, to special promotions, customer surveys, music events, etc. — everything can be done with one single scan.

Improving customer conversion rate (CR & ROI).

Principles Of Operation

When your target audience have a need and are ready to shop, they will compare you with your competitors before making a purchase decision. This is where you need to have two-way interactions with your customers.

QR Code allows your customers to interact with any of your programs, events, activities, through a landing page (which directs users to a specific content). Customers can write comments, evaluate your product or service, register for your membership program, download your app, like and share contents, or make a purchase.

Creating a group of loyal customers (ROI).

Once your audience have made a purchase at least once, you want them to become regular customers who will recommend their friends to use your product. Is your customer service department working effectively?

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