QR Code Asscet Management

QR Code Asscet Management

Why use QR Code Asscet Management?

As a business owner, are you interested in the inventory of your company’s assets? Are asset inventories really accurate and effective or just wasting your money, time and resources? QR Code Asset Management will help businesses solve that problem efficiently.

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QR Code Asscet Management

Save time manpower max.

With small companies, limited assets and small subject matters, inventory is not paid much attention. But for medium and large companies, a six-month or one-year inventory of assets is not an easy task.

The assets of large companies are characterized by diversified distribution, It’s not just on the format but also on different locations, from small to large valuable assets.To determine the status, who is using and take responsibility for the property, the company will need a lot of time, which is followed by manpower and money. But with QR Code Asset Management solution, asset inventory stages will be significantly shortened down time.

If the inventory, staff will have to rely on the asset list of each unit and then check, identify, “investigate” each item about the location, status, who are using, time is transfer…

According to that process, to inventory a property need a lot of time to review, update to the continuous report. Now, inventory will be “much easier” – QR code scan, immediately smartphone will display full information about the status, type, user, handover time of the property. Employees only need to compare actual and verified information, the system will update the asset information in the report, minimizing time and update quickly.

High accuracy, limited fraud.

With QR Code, asset inventory information will be transparent and up-to-date, not only to inventory workers, but even the management can monitor and monitor the activity.

Because of this great feature of QR Code, the inventory of assets is not only done quickly but also high accuracy, helping employees not to miss, causing loss of assets of the company.

In addition, the updated information on the QR Code is transparent with full details of status, location, value … will help to minimize any fraudulent behavior of any person. It intends to carry out the misappropriation of the company’s assets, in addition to clearly defining the responsibilities of the individual in each of the company’s assets for future liability.

With these two essential features, QR Code Asset Management is certainly not far away to be the key to solving the asset management problem of businesses with large amounts of assets and mobility over time, Reduce the leakage, help the business environment healthy and more effective